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Honouring the Journey

Honouring the Journey

Honouring the Journey

Tim Delve
Significant date: 2 February, 2017
By Jennifer Deegan on October 2017
Tim was a great husband and father and I feel his loss every day. He loved heavy metal and science fiction. He loved good food and good drink to go with it. He could quote lots of films and had a quote for nearly every occasion. He was a loving and affectionate husband. Tim was lots of fun, he loved playing with our 2 young children and going on fun days out as a family. Tim died when he was only 39 - he was taken from us all way too soon but throughout his illness stayed positive which has been an inspiration for me following his death. I am so grateful that he got to spend his last days in the care of the hospice in Raheny. We will forever keep Tim in our hearts and we keep him in our minds.
All deceased colleagues of McCann FitzGerald
Significant date:
By McCann FitzGerald on October 2017
We were delighted to take part in Ireland's Biggest Coffee Morning for St Francis Hospice. In doing so, we remembered all colleagues who have passed away.
Maureen Smith
Significant date: 14 January, 2017
By Gretta Smith on October 2017
In loving memory of a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, aunt and great friend. She never complained about her illness. Every visitor was greeted with a smile. The smallest gesture got a big thank you. She is missed so much but we are relieved she is not suffering. We believe that she is enjoying her rewards in Heaven.
Trent Latham
Significant date: 13 September, 2017
By Patrick McCormack on September 2017
We held our coffee morning in memory of Trent and family of staff members who had received supports from the Hospice service.

Trent was my friend and neighbour. He was always generous with his time and would give his help without question. He was an excellent bricklayer and stonemason and through his building company he not only brought physical change to the shapes of people's houses, he enhanced their enjoyment of living in their homes. He always took great pride in his work and we would say, "Trent didn't give you the job you wanted, he gave you something much better than that."

Trent had a great sense of community. He coached and mentored young players in our local GAA club, St Pat's of Donabate . The passion that he brought to his work, he brought to this area of his life too. He would often use the expression, "Go hard, or go home!" What he meant was if you're going to give to something, give it the best you've got, take pride in what you do. Trent took great pride and pleasure in his coaching and wanted the children he coached to really try their best, to have a strong sense of loyalty to each other as a group, and to enjoy their time on the football field.

He was a member of Beaverstown GC and driving force behind a Thursday night competition. Again, Trent's passion and commitment was always evident and the evenings were more about the opportunity to meet and socialise than it was about winning a competition. Even when really ill Trent continued to play in the competition, up to a couple of weeks before he passed away. Friendship and getting to spend time together was the real prize . I'll really miss him accusing me of slow play and telling me and Seán to stop talking and take our shots, all said in good humour.

Above all else Trent was a great husband and father, with a deep love for Hazel, Sophia and Cian. The sense and depth of loss that I feel, and that felt by his other friends cannot compare to the loss felt by his family. I do know that as they journey through this time they will not want for support when it is needed, that the love we have for Trent and for them will continue to wrap around them.

These words, of course, can only capture a small piece of the person Trent was and the life he led. Friend, Son, Brother, Husband, Father.

Trent, thank you for your life, for all that you gave to me and others. Until we meet again, I will cherish the memories and take comfort from the privilege I had of calling you my friend.
Sean McBrien
Significant date: 31 October, 2015
By Jacqui McBrien on September 2017
The staff at St. Francis Hospice were so good to my dad, for the time he had with them. They were such a support to us, dad had only been there for 9 hours when he passed, but we could not have asked for better support at a terrible time.

I will never say goodbye to you my Father
because I know this is not the end for us to see each other.
You will only be going to a place where there's no pain nor suffering.
I am happy for you, for you will be with God.
For now we need to go in separate ways.
I remember how your arms hold me and give me strength.
You were always there to listen, love, and defend me in everything.
You were my very best friend.
In my triumphs you were always proud.
I'm very grateful and proud to call you my dad.
Here deep inside my heart you'll always be.
I would give up everything I have just to hug you one more time.
I remember the last time I held your hand and how you looked at me in the eyes.
If only I could turn back the time I would have never let you go.
I felt the world stop and my heart stop beating when they told me you were gone.......
How I wish I was only dreaming.
Just like the rain; tears fell down from my eyes, I couldn't speak for awhile.
Thank you Dad....
For always understanding, listening, caring, and loving me your whole life.
The greatest gift God gave me was YOU........ my Dad...
It's difficult to let you go but I must...
I must return the gift God gave me...
Till then;
See you in Heaven.........

Nicola Dooley
Significant date:
By Sara & John Lee on September 2017
To the best, best freind one could ever have you remained strong, brave, funny and positive right up to the end. I am so glad you felt safe in the hospice surrounded by caring friendly staff and your amazing family by your side, your dedicated sister Sylvia,and brother Adrian.
I will miss you and love you forever and am so pleased I have had such a amazing friendship with you, your family and friends. Miss you forever xxx
Nicki Dooley
Significant date: 26 August, 2017
By Sylvia Matthews on September 2017
Nicki you slipped away from us feeling 'safe' in the amazing and dignified care of Blanchardstown Hospice. Our warrior woman, our tough little cookie, our sister, friend and loving Aunt to my children.
Your strenght, your quiet determination, your wise words and your resilience will always be an inspiration to me and will stay with me forever, hopefully giving me strength to overcome this hole, vacancy and hurt that is now left within me.
You have touched my heart in so many ways and eventhough I was so reluctant to let you go, I minded you as best I could my little sister. It was a long and bumpy road but I am so grateful to have been apart of it. Such precious memories I've made along that journey with you Nicki.
Now sadly it's time for me to move on but I take great solace and strenght in the knowledge of the love we shared for each other and will honour it by keeping those memories alive within me, tucking them away and keeping them safely in my heart forever.
'You played a blinder' little sis. Love you forever xxx
Nicola Dooley
Significant date: 29 August, 2017
By Lorna Dooley on August 2017
My beautiful brave inspiring sister Nicki .
I will carry you in my heart forever along with dad and mam 💜💜💜
I wish love and strength for my family and friends of Nicki too.
Thank you for being such a wonderful hospice Nicki said at the beginning it was like being at Monart!
Maureen McGill
Significant date: 7 July, 2017
By Emma Carroll on August 2017
In loving memory of our lovely Nana. I'm glad you are resting peacefully now although you are missed very much.

Thank you to the lovely, kind and caring staff at St. Francis Hospice Blanchardstown for your compassion, support and the amazing care you gave to my Nana. You will be remembered forever!
Lots of Love,
Emma xx
Brigid Tully
Significant date: 19 June, 2016
By Bernadette Dolan on July 2017
We miss you terribly and wish you were still with us but we know you are looking down on us.
Love always and forever ❤️



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